Oklahoma City Optometrist Review


Posted: August 27, 2015 | moderninfluence7933

In this video Bricktown SEO gives a review of optometrist okc, eye doctor okc, and the websites that return in search for these keywords. Some of the topics covered in this video include the metric system used to determine a websites position within the search results. Here, they randomly chose two websites that rank on different pages (Page 1 & Page 2) then compare the differences between these sites inside and out. Terms like Eye Doctor OKC, and Optometrist OKC Reviews, receive a considerable amount of search volume to the point that any eye doctor / optometrist in OKC should highly consider optimizing their own websites for these keywords.

In addition to Bricktown SEO’s review, Jordan from SDARR Studios joins the discussion to talk briefly about video and how it can be incorporated into your overall SEO campaign to improve ranking. Videos ranked for long-tail keywords like (eye doctor okc) – (optometrist okc reviews) – and other similar search terms provide a lot of value for a business even if their website is already visible on page 1 of Google search.

We will be releasing a series of videos that cover the basics of search engine optimization. Some of these videos will be technical in nature, and other will be more client centric with a focus on keywords similar to those used in today’s video (optometrist reviews & eye doctor okc reviews). Next weeks examples will most likely cover a different industry, but will still have an A/B comparison between two websites, their positions in search, the technical details behind those results, and common solutions that may be applied to help increase those positions if needed.

The knowledge shared in this video may be applied to any Eye Doctor OKC website, and can also be applied to the websites of optometrists in OKC. Reviews will be given in an attempt to share what we know with you and your team.

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